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Whether in Australia or globally, ADHD Support Australia strives to meet your needs as an ADHD parent/carer, adult, teen or professional.

We provide a nurturing and friendly online community and live expert speaker events where you can build your knowledge and learn how to manage ADHD. If you are unable to attend our monthly live speaker event, or would like to view our back catalogue of recordings please visit our Patreon membership site where you can do so.

Our popular online parenting courses, specific for those raising children with ADHD, provides skills & strategies to empower you as a parent and an opportunity to share and discuss your experiences with others facing similar challenges.

We also offer the evidence-based PEERS Social Skills for Teens or Young Adults program online as well as 1-1 ADHD Coaching & Parent Coaching.

Our comprehensive ADHD directory has links to practitioners, services, resources and products to support you on your journey.

There are so many options to explore – every journey is unique but our community is non-judgmental. Whatever combination of treatment modalities you decide on, we’re here to support you.

Over the past few years it has been my honour and pleasure to guide many families through what can be a stressful and chaotic journey, in a purposeful and supportive way.

Thank you for visiting, we’re sure you’ll find everything you need.

Vivian Dunstan